Medicare Supplements | York, PA

What do You Know About Medicare Supplements for York County, PA Residents?

Traditionally, Medicare recipients in York County, PA, and across South Central Pennsylvania have used Medicare Supplements to cover the gaps (the expenses original Medicare does not cover) in Medicare. That's why Medicare Supplements are also called "Medigap Policies".

Presently there are ten (10) Medicare Supplement Plans available.

  • Some Medicare Supplements cover all the gaps in Medicare; that is, all the deductibles and coinsurances that Medicare approves but does not pay.
  • Other popular Medicare Supplements cover everything but the Medicare Part B deductible, and are thus less expensive.

Medicare Supplements offer the least amount of risk to the consumer, but are more expensive insurance coverage than other kinds of Medicare plans.

Whether you are a Medicare-eligible resident of York PA or of a town elsewhere in South Central Pennsylvania, just ask yourself this question: Can I afford the premiums to prevent any unexpected deductibles and coinsurances?

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