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dds-finalexpensesMost people, as part of their legacy, do not want to leave their loved ones with the burden of paying for their final expenses. If you live in York County, PA or in any other part of South Central Pennsylvania, purchasing Final Expense Insurance is a simple solution to this concern.

The Facts About Final Expense Insurance

    • This is a life insurance policy that covers the costs associated with a person's last illness including expenses such as medical bills, casket and burial or cremation fees, and legal fees.
    • At one time this type of insurance was commonly referred to as a "Burial Policy".
    • Final Expense Insurance is usually a whole life policy with a low face value. Face amount of these policies may range from as low as $1500 up to $30,000.
    • You qualify for a policy by answering questions on the application. There are no exams or waiting periods.
    • The policy's proceeds go to a named beneficiary without going through probate.
    • Final expense insurance rates do not increase and can not be cancelled.
    • The policy ends when the owner of the policy no longer pays the premiums or dies.

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